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Denisa Constantinescu is a postdoctoral researcher at ESL-EPFL, working with EcoCloud to develop sustainable computing technology for SKACH.  She earned her Ph.D. in Mechatronics (2022) and Master's in Computer Engineering (2017) from the University of Malaga, Spain, and her B.Sc. in Systems Engineering (2015) from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Romania. To complement her training, she did two research stays, one at the EPFL Embedded Systems Laboratory  (Lausanne, CH) in 2022 and another one at the Northeastern University Computer Architecture Research Laboratory, (Boston, USA) in 2018.   

Her research interests include heterogeneous and energy-efficient computing, having specialized in mobile robot navigation, biomedical, and interferometry domains. Denisa has received recognition for her work, including the Intel oneAPI Innovator award in 2020 for her research on "Efficiency and Productivity for Decision-making on Mobile SoCs" and the SCIE-ZONTA Award from the Scientific Society of Informatics in Spain in 2021.  

Besides research, Denisa is a passionate advocate for equal opportunities in education. She volunteers in projects to support underprivileged children in Romania and trains tech skills to girls at the award-winning Campus Tech Chicas in Spain. 

Her hobbies and interests include painting, cooking, soap making, reading, photography, electronics,... but one rules them all, learning :) 


PhD in Mechatronics

2017 – 2022

Dept. of Computer Architecture, Universidad de Málaga (Spain)

Ph.D. Thesis: Towards energy efficiency and productivity for decision making in mobile robot navigation. Advisors: Prof. Mª Angeles Navarro, Prof. Rafael Asenjo Plaza, Dept. of Computer Architecture, 2022

Doctorate GPA: Suma cum laude with international Ph.D. mention.

Master in Computer Engineering

2015 - 2017 

Universidad de Málaga, Málaga (Spain)

M.Eng. Thesis: Optimization of a decision making algorithm under uncertainty for heterogeneous platforms. Advisors: Prof. Mª Angeles Navarro, Prof. Juan Antonio Fernández Madrigal, Dept. of Computer Architecture, 2017. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.24922.70082.

Degree GPA: 9.31/10. Final project distinction with honour.

Automatics and Applied Informatics B.Eng.

2011 - 2015

University Politehnica of Bucharest (Romania)

B.Eng. Thesis: Model-based development of self-organizing socio-technical systems (Dezvoltare pe bază de model a sistemelor socio-tehnice cu auto-organizare) Advisor: Prof. dr. ing. Drăgoicea Monica, Dept. of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, 2015. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.31633.58728.

Degree GPA: 9.54/10. Final project distinction with honour. 


Researcher / Instructor

École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Lausanne (Switzerland)

2022 - present Researcher in the Embedded Systems Lab

2022 - present Teaching Lab in EDA based design (Master)

Researcher / Instructor

Universidad de Málaga, Málaga (Spain)

2016 - 2022 Researcher in the Department of Computer Architecture

2019 - 2022 Teaching Assistant

2018 - 2022 Campus Tech Chicas Summer School 

Visiting Scholar

Aug 2018 – Nov 2018 

NUCAR Lab at Northeastern University, Boston USA

Details: Stay at the NUCAR Lab (Northeastern University  Computer Architecture Research Laboratory, Boston USA) under the supervision of Prof. David Kaeli and Prof. Taskin Padir. During this fellowship, we have worked on developing a navigation solution for autonomously driving the HSR robot in crowded spaces. A secondary goal of this stay was to find collaboration opportunities between NUCAR Lab and RIVeR Lab (Robotics and Intelligent Vehicles Research Laboratory). Stay duration: 3 months, 01/08/2018 - 31/10/2018.

Research and Development Intern

Jun 2015 - Sep 2015

Thales, Bucharest (Romania)

IT Technician & Content management - Volunteering

Oct 2014 – Sep 2015

Fundația Svasta, Bucharest (Romania)

The cause of this NGO is to help children with unprivileged backgrounds continue their studies

Math tutoring - volunteering

 Oct 2009 –  Sep 2010

World Vision, Vâlcea (Romania)

Internship - leonardo da vinci program

 Oct 2008

Commerce & Resources, Porriño (Spain)

Reasearch & Publications

[B - Book (Chapter) | C - Conference Article | J - Journal Article | T - Thesis]

[C] Constantinescu, D. A., Asenjo, R. Enhancing Online Planning under Uncertainty via Bloom Filter Based Memory. oneAPI Developer Summit at SC21, November 2021  ~~~> link

[C] Munoz DJ., Constantinescu DA., Decentralised Blockchain-based Solutions for Electronic Healthcare Records with Interacting Social Networking Components. 2021 International Conference on Innovation and Intelligence for Informatics, Computing, and Technologies (3ICT), pp. 488-493, October 2021. DOI: 10.1109/3ICT53449.2021.9581525

[B] Constantinescu, DA., Navarro, SG., Burgueño, GB., Linares, JMG., Cózar, JR., Moreno, AR. and Muñoz, JMP., AVANCES EN ARQUITECTURA Y TECNOLOGÍA DE COMPUTADORES, Jornadas SARTECO Málaga 2021, ISBN-13: 978-84-09-32487-3 

[C] Constantinescu, DA., Asenjo, R., Navarro, A., Fernández Madrigal, JA., Cruz-Martin, A. Enhancing Online Planning under Uncertainty via Bloom Filter Based Memory. Jornadas SARTECO 20/21, pp. 327-335. Spain, September 2021 ~~~> link

[C] Castro, FM., Constantinescu, DA., Corbera, F., González Navarro, S.,  González Peñalver, M., Hendrix, EMT., Hormigo Aguilar, J., Ramos Cózar, J., Rodríguez Moreno, AIntroduce metodologías activas en tu clase, indispensable en tiempos de pandemia. Jornadas SARTECO 20/21, pp. 269-278.  Spain, September 2021  ~~~> link

[C] Constantinescu, D. A., Asenjo, R. Boosting Productivity of Decision-Making with oneAPI-based Heterogeneous Schedulers on SoCs. oneAPI Developer Summit 2020, November 2020  ~~~> link

[J] Constantinescu, D. A., Navarro, A., Corbera, F., Fernández-Madrigal, J. A., & Asenjo, R. Efficiency and productivity for decision making on low-power heterogeneous CPU+ GPU SoCs. The Journal of Supercomputing, 1-22. March 2020. DOI:   ~~~> Download

[J] Constantinescu DA, Navarro A, Fernández-Madrigal JA, Asenjo R. Performance evaluation of decision making under uncertainty for low power heterogeneous platforms. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing. November 2019. DOI:

[C] Constantinescu DA., Navarro A., Corbera F., Fernández-Madrigal JA., Asenjo R. Solving Large-Scale Markov Decision Processes on Low-Power Heterogeneous Platforms, 19th International Conference on Computational and Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering, Costa Ballena, Cádiz (España), Universidad de Cádiz, 2019.

[B,C] Munoz D., Constantinescu DA., Asenjo R., Fuentes L.  ClinicAppChain: A Low-Cost Blockchain Hyperledger Solution for Healthcare. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, vol 1010. Springer, Cham. June 2019. DOI:10.1007/978-3-030-23813-1_5

[C] Munoz D.,  Constantinescu DA,  Herrera E.,  Vera-Ferrer L.,  Rodríguez-Hernández AP, Martínez-Hernández M.  ClinicAppChain: A Blockchain Solution for Electronic Health Records in Mexico's Hospitals and Clinics. Turku University of Applied Sciences International Week 2019 (TUAS Week'19) , April 2019. 

[C] Constantinescu DA,  Rohra A.,  Padir T.,  Kaeli D. Path Planning for Socially-Aware Humanoid Robots. RISE Expo 2019, Northeastern University, Boston, USA, April 2019.

[C] Constantinescu, DA., Navarro, A., Fernández Madrigal, JA., Asenjo, R. Optimization of a decision-making algorithm for heterogeneous platforms. XXVIII Edición de las Jornadas de Paralelismo, Spain, September 2017.

[M.Eng. T] Constantinescu DA. Optimization of a decision making algorithm under uncertainty for heterogeneous platforms. Advisors: Prof. Angeles Navarro, Prof. Juan Antonio Fernández Madrigal, Dept. of Computer Architecture, Universidad de Málaga, 2017. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.24922.70082.

[C] Cáncer Gil, J., Escuín Blasco, C., Constantinescu, DA., Pérez Pavón, B., Canales Mayo M., Three is not a crowd: a CPU-GPU-FPGA K-means implementation. HiPEAC Computing Systems Week 2017, Zagreb, Croatia, 04/2017.

[B] Drǎgoicea M., Falcão e Cunha J., Alexandru MV., Constantinescu DA. Modelling and Simulation Perspective in Service Design: Experience in Transport Information Service Development. Handbook of Research on Strategic Alliances and Value Co-Creation in the Service Industry. IGI Global. DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-2084-9.ch019, 2017.

[C] Drǎgoicea M., Constantinescu DA., Falcão e Cunha J. Experience from a Modelling and Simulation Perspective in Smart Transport Information Service Design. Exploring Services Science. IESS 2016. Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, 2016. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-32689-4_6, 2016.

[B.Eng. T] Constantinescu DA. Dezvoltare pe bază de model a sistemelor socio-tehnice cu auto-organizare. Advisor: Prof. dr. ing. Drăgoicea Monica, Dept. of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, University Politehnica of Bucharest, 2015. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.31633.58728.

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